Portable classrooms—also known as modular classrooms—offer a lifeline by adding more space to handle overflow, expansion and modernization and provide a safer environment for everyone. They are a practical and immediate solution with benefits that can be useful even beyond a pandemic.


How are Portable Classrooms Safe?

Whereas traditional construction can take years to complete and is costly to build, portable classrooms are quick to assemble and often at a more affordable price. You can have a classroom built off-site, assembled, and ready to meet any schedule throughout the school year.

  1. Security and Safety Systems

Portable classrooms are built off site in factories. You can get them off the shelf or get them customized and equipped with almost any thinkable security and safety features—sprinklers, alarm systems, access control, CCTV systems, smoke detectors, etc.

Just like traditional buildings, portable buildings can connect to existing power sources, plumbing systems, and the Internet, all of which are necessary to operate these security and safety features.

  1. Air Quality

As portable classrooms evolve, so do the features to improve indoor air quality. They can be equipped with energy efficient HVAC systems. Open floor plans and flexible window placements provides the benefit of natural light and better air circulation, which allows you to save on energy bills, too.

  1. Building Code Compliance

One of the common questions about portable classrooms, are they as structurally sound as conventional structures? But, just like any traditional building, portable classroom solutions are subject to rigorous standards to ensure quality control.

They are constructed in factories where they undergo inspections at every stage. Afterward, they must pass quality inspections both on local and state levels to ensure building code compliance. Including the ability to be transported on a road or highway.


Safe & Well-Constructed Portable Classrooms by Elite Modular

Elite Modular is a provider of quality portable classrooms and restrooms in California. Our solutions enable schools and educational institutions to expand their facilities and provide a safe and structurally-sound learning environment for students.


When planning your next modernization or expansion project, get in touch with us at Elite Modular to discuss the various portable classrooms and restrooms available to enhance your project’s success.

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