What are Modular Classrooms?

Modular classrooms—also known as portable classrooms—are prefabricated school buildings. It means they are constructed completely offsite, often in a factory-like environment, and then delivered to the location.

These portable facilities answer the challenges of the growing student population, providing a conducive learning environment for students while also eliminating the distraction of construction work during the academic year.


Let’s elaborate further on the 5 Benefits of Portable/Modular Classrooms



Portable classrooms are exactly what they are—mobile. They include DSA approved wood foundation & metal ramp-landing systems and can easily be transported and moved around as necessary. This flexibility is useful in situations where a temporary classroom is needed during new construction modernization, increased student growth or other emergencies.


Fast Turnaround

There are situations where there may not be enough time to construct a new school building and schools have to accommodate the influx of students rather quickly. A portable classroom offers an immediate solution to this problem. It is available at the fraction of the time it would take to construct a conventional building or add more footage onto an existing school campus.



Depending on their design and level of customization, portable classrooms can be a very cost-effective alternative to conventional construction. Utilizing portable classrooms as part of new or modernization projects can free up funds that can be utilized for long-term expansion projects.


Quality Control

Because portable classrooms are built in a factory, often in climate-controlled environments, the construction materials are protected against wear and tear from weather or water damage. Modular building manufacturers also follow strict quality programs that include independent inspections to ensure a quality product.


Less Disruptive

Another benefit of portable classrooms is that their installation is less disruptive. It means students can continue classes with minimal disturbance due to any ongoing on-site work, unlike with conventional construction.


Modular Classrooms by Elite Modular

Lack of space can be a serious problem. When a school facility needs to expand its campus, how do they get that space? While adding a new structure is an option, it can be costly and take years. This is where portable classrooms step in.


Elite Modular is a provider of quality modular and portable classrooms in California. Our solutions enable schools to expand their facilities and create a conducive learning environment for students.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you get your new classrooms off the ground.

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