The adoption of portable classrooms and restrooms in California is a result of overcrowding in the state’s public schools. As more students enroll, the number of available classrooms and new schools has not kept pace leading to insufficient space for each student. The result is overcrowding which can have adverse effects on learning.

With portable classrooms and restrooms, California students can learn in a safe and healthy environment. Portable classrooms are complete structures that can be moved from one place to another and set up within days. This makes them ideal for situations where there is no longer adequate space in existing school buildings.

Portable units are also used when existing buildings need infrastructure modernization upgrades. In these cases, portable units can be installed in areas adjacent to school buildings, giving students access to the same amenities as those that are not going through modernization upgrades.


Why these structures are beneficial

Overcrowding in schools is a common issue throughout California and portable classrooms and restrooms can help alleviate the problem. The lack of space for each student has negative effects on learning; with limited room to move about, students tend to grow restless and become easily distracted. This frustration only heightens as the number of students per classroom increases.

With portable classrooms, students and educators have the space needed to ensure a calm learning environment. Much like in a traditional setting, portable classrooms encourage students’ collaboration and promote greater critical thinking.

Portable restrooms can also reduce the stress of overcrowding by providing students with access to additional restroom facilities. Long wait times or trekking across the school campus puts a strain on students trying to get to their other classes or taking up their much-needed breaks. Portable restrooms are a great way to free up this time and keep students on track.

Our portable units are designed to fit your academic needs and compliant with the Department of the State Architect (DSA) standards and requirements. We design floor plans that accommodate your school’s population that best suit your teaching methods.


What are the benefits of comfortable classroom learning?

Elite Portable’s portable classrooms in California give students the chance to learn without sacrificing their educational experience. Research shows that an engaged learning environment increases students’ attention and focus, nurtures meaningful learning experiences, improves student performance, and motivates students to practice critical thinking skills.

Portable classrooms are a win-win solution for school districts as they offer students a safe and healthy environment to learn. Call us at Elite Modular today for a quick consultation and quote.

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